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  Solutions 4 Playgrounds are not simply a Playground Installation company we offer many other services.

Site Surveys – With a vast experience of managing Playground Installation projects we know what to look for when surveying a site. We can tailor our service to your specific requirements and budget, from surveying a site with traditional methods such as measuring wheels and tapes through to detailed Topographic boundary and levels surveys with CAD files delivered via email.

Design Advice – Using our knowledge of the current EN Playground Equipment and Surfacing Standards and also site construction, we can work very closely with you in choosing the right equipment, layout and surfacing options for the specific age groups you are aiming at. If you are asking a number of manufacturers to quote for your project we can also help with your decision making, if required.


Safety Surfacing – As an independent company we offer totally impartial advice on safety surfacing requirements and have used many different options in the past. We can evaluate your requirements and offer a variety of competitively priced alternatives.

Post Installation Inspections – We also offer independent Post Installation Inspections with a fully documented report. We only use inspectors certified competent in inspecting children´┐Żs play areas & equipment by the RPII, Register of Play Inspectors International.



Inspection and Maintenance Packages - There is no specific legal requirement to provide inspection and maintenance programmes but the British Standards Institute, the Health & Safety Executive, Insurers and the major safety organisations recommend inspections as "best practice".

We offer customised packages dependant on the use of your playground. We will initially carry out an audit of your site then prepare the most suitable package. Solutions 4 Playgrounds has 2 in-house RPII (Register of Playground Inspectors International) Operational Inspectors and we can also arrange Annual Inspections and Post Installation Inspections all with detailed reports and very competitive rates

We can also order and fit readily available spare parts from all reputable Playground Equipment manufacturers. We also offer graffiti removal and steam cleaning of your playgrounds.


For further information or a quotation on any of the above services please go to our Contact page.